I don’t know – if the brave new world of amateur internet information-and-idea-sharing (i.e. blogs) brings us big name blogs (BNB, like MSM – come on, “mainstream media”; are you not reading your BNBs?) who offer us the following, are we really heading into the future better led than by The New York Times?

From Instapundit, a link today to Amazon, and Chris Horner’s Power Grab: How Obama’s Green Policies Will Steal Your Freedom and Bankrupt America.

I have bolded most of the hyperbolic, biasing, scare terms and offered a little bracketed commentary.

From the Inside Flap

Barack Obama’s “Green” Policies Start With Controlling Your Energy…and End With Your Life.

If Obama and his “green” coalition  get their way, [Yes, Obama runs what is a single organization; he’s the  – what’s the word – Fuhrer] we’re headed for blackouts, skyrocketing energy prices designed to bankrupt disfavored industries, and even greater government control of our economy. Obama’s green jobs agenda masks a declaration of war [just another of those oh-it’s-just-a-metaphor’s not meant to inflame] against America’s most reliable sources of energy—coal, oil, and natural gas. [Would that be reliably expensive? Reliably price manipulated? Reliably pollutant? Reliably funding our enemies? What kind of American is this Horner?] He seeks to shut them down and convert America to green energy—mostly [How does one spell o-u-t-r-i-g-h-t l-i-e?] wind and solar—in an irresponsible experiment that will guarantee an energy crisis and drive America from recession to depression. The Obama administration, working in collusion with green groups allegedly protecting the environment, unions protecting their paychecks, [Why the very nerve: the good people of America, those for whom Horner speaks, they have no interest in preserving their income, from, say, taxation] and local elites protecting their ocean views,[Ah, those latte-sipping elites, sitting in their big-city, New York Times adorned, Hollywood media rooms with their gay, Jewish, narcissistic-boomer, enviro-femiNazi friends, condescendingly stereotyping the rest of America] is putting the special interests ahead of your interests. In Power Grab, best-selling author Christopher C. Horner reveals,

How Obama is obsessed [He has always struck me as being a little on the dark side] with “climate change” schemes at huge expense to our economy—even as the scientific case for global warming is collapsingHow Obama is counting on the liberal courts [This would be, like – the Supreme Court?] to gain greater control over American industryHow Obama’s “green jobs” policies are stripping jobs [not just losing them, mind you] from America and sending them overseasHow Obama’s policies, if enacted, will dramatically change your lifestarting with your confidence that a flipped switch will provide light, that a faucet will flow with water, that your home will stay warm, and there’s gas at the pump [And the seas shall rise, and the winds blow, and buildings fall to the earth and dogs yelp at the horrid face of mammon, while the heaven’s break and on the wings of angels the Lord’s avenger rides, in the final judgment, to meet – the Antichrist.]

Christopher Horner, hailed by Glenn Beck [ This would be, then, a hailed fellow well not met?] as a “Watchdog” and praised by Rush Limbaugh as the “longtime go-to guy on global warming extremism,” has compiled a jaw-dropping account of the government’s arrogant plans to take over America’s access to abundant, afforable energy—and by doing so, take over our economy and limit the individual freedom we’ve so long taken for granted.

I understand Horner’s next book will consider the breakdown of civility and rational, constructive discourse in the American polity. And Glenn Reynolds will link to it.

Isn’t anyone ever just, like, you know, simply – mistaken anymore?

Why’s he gotta take it there?

Why’s it gotta be all that?


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  1. A mystery of the human condition is that being an angry, frightened victim is a consumer product for which there is a sizeable market.

    A naive view is that these are painful states that people seek to avoid. Yet everywhere we see that people actively seek out these states and will pay a great deal of time and money to people who can support this lifestyle. There is something about being a frightened angry victim that is easier than being responsible for one’s own life.

    My sense is that when contemporary conservatives read alarm over environmental threats it scans the same way to them as this does to you and me. Al Gore’s Earth in the Balance is their mirror image of this. Jeez, why does it always have to be the end of the world with these liberals? The Population Bomb and the Silent Spring and the Nuclear Winter…

    One distinction that is meaningful to me is that conservative alarm will consistently center around having enemies.

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