“If that’s antisemitic, count me in.”

Not long after I published my previous post on “The Faces of Antisemitism,” I received the following tweet from @BarryLeonardini.

American foreign policy is self destructive because of its unqualified support of israel.If that’s antisemitic, count me in. [sic]

Somehow Barry Leonardi and I had become Twitter friends. (The neighborhood is going to the dogs – I keep saying.) Well, I’m an accommodating fellow, all my friends will tell you, so I responded that it would be a pleasure, actually, to count the antisemite in. But since Polonius the Jew in Goldfarb’s Hamlet? has advised, “Know thy antisemite,” and Lenoardi appeared to have a blog, I decided to take a gander. What – I shouldn’t have?

Leonardi’s blog is called Barry’s New Conversations, and since my post was about what some people have termed the “new antisemitism,” this seemed rather apt. No?

Beyond that, and this is where it gets really – how do you say? – good, my post, like much discussion of the new antisemitism is about how professions of saving whomever – let’s say the U.S. – from the consequences of misguided foreign policy support for Israel is so often a cover for that antisemitism. The incisive Leonardi rushed to cloak himself in the cover without consideration of the critique. Want to know why?

It didn’t take a scroll down more than four posts to find this gem.

Jews & Irish Politicians Thrive in California Politics

The Jews and Irish did well in California elections last night. Jerry Brown, Gavin Newsom and Barbara Boxer are some examples. Generally speaking, both races have meager cultures. So they really dont understand or value rich cultural heritages or tradition. They thrive in acultural and politically correct legal paradigm settings where other cultures vie for power. They know how to get votes from the last legal or illegal immigrant so as to makeover Cal’s legal paradigm on a real time basis.

Plus there’s all ┬áthose California multicultural restaurants to eat out at. Ever eat at a Jewish or Irish restaurant?

Forget foreign policy. Stuffed derma (kishka for the unreconstructed) – now there’s a reason to be antisemitic.

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