How We Lived on It (36) – New York City

It’s remarkable (to me, anyway) that I reached number 36 of this series without having done New York City, though I did do a post on the Rockaways. If you never saw the seventeen and a half hour Ric Burns documentary on the history and meaning of New York, and even if you did, but it has been a while, the program takes its place among the great Burns brothers documentaries of American life. An originally unplanned eighth and final part, “Center of the World,” was televised in 2003, two years after the original ending, in order to cover the history of the World Trade Center and the events of 9/11. These fourteen minutes are the prologue to the series, from the first part, “Country and the City.” They capture all the historic sweep and the romantic ambition and self-searching that is the story of the great modern city.

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