How We Lived on It (2)

from Jammin’ the Blues

Directed by Gjon Mili

Sax: Lester Young & Illinois Jacquet

Trumpet: Harry “Sweets” Edison

Piano: Marlowe Morris

Drums: Philly Joe Jones & “Big Sid” Catlett

Guitar: Barney Kessell

Bass: Red Callender

Dancers: Lindy Hop legends Archie Savage and Marie Bryant

Full ten minute short film available at Daily Motion.

4 thoughts on “How We Lived on It (2)

  1. Well I didn’t know I WANTED this music, and I didn’t WATCH this music last night…or EVER really. Very mellow, very cool. Loved the shared focus on all the players. And don’t I wish I could dance like thos cats? Amazing (and probably very good for your circulation). Thank you!

  2. Did I say WANTED…I meant WATCHED a Blues special. Writing in the morning doesn’t come easy to me (apparently). Thanks for doing your job. 🙂

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