How Fast, So Furious, the Grim-faced Libertarian Falls in the Forest


Lost amid the attention to the Supreme Court’s decision upholding the Affordable Care Act was the House vote to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt of Congress – the first sitting cabinet member to be so cited in the history of the United States. Maliciously partisan Republicans went ahead with this vote on Thursday even though the previous day Katherine Eban had published in Fortune a Pulitzer Prize worthy expose of the gross media misreportage and congressional misrepresentation of the facts of the Fast and Furious ATF program. Holder has been cited for contempt because of his responses to a congressional investigation of a federal law enforcement scandal that is a fiction. Your tax dollars at work, frugally wasted by the GOP.

Just the Friday before on Bill Maher’s Real Time, as I discussed in Pride of a Partisan, libertarian lion Nick Gillespie had grimly chastised Rachel Maddow and other liberals for claiming that the Fast and Furious hearings were now primarily motivated by conservative conspiratorial craziness: lunacy postulating that the non-existent program to sell firearms to Mexican drug cartels was intended to frighten the populace with rampant gun sales and deaths that would then better support an Obamian campaign to restrict Second Amendment gun rights. (One experiences a minor loss of mental stability simply describing this convolution of mind.) More, the cranky libertarian insisted, there were clearly signs of wrongdoing that justified the Fast and Furious investigation. Gillespie made these claims with a humorless yet insouciant aplomb, like Pierrot juggling: see how I toss the softboileds lazily over my shoulder, dip at the knees, glance back sadly and extend my hand. See the egg all over my face.

It is not that often that the confirming stink of having talked shit is wafted so rapidly into the general atmosphere, but in this case Gillespie went full potty on a Television City sound stage.

Moving from Congress to cranky to creepy, readers may have noticed the first comment to my post of a few days ago, Massacre of the Cheyenne. Reilly and Rob, who responded to him, and all others, may be interested to know that this is the same ill-delivered correspondent who has been writing me for nearly a year now. I wrote about him twice before, in Anti-semitism, the Ur Hatred and Anatomy of an Anti-Semite. He has moved from calling me first, “Jew hack” to, in multiple expunged comments, “Judenrat”, to, now, “kikey little fart academic.” (I really despise being belittled as an academic.) David, here, continually conceives new names, email addresses and mock websites via which to evade junk comment moderation. Occasionally, as in this instance, when he went for the known and overt anti-Semitic insult, I think it valuable to expose him to public scrutiny.

In David’s apparent earlier semblances, he has hated by the name of Ross Vachon, a claimant, previously, to a marginal Hollywood career in which Vachon also hung tight to Native American actor connections. Ross Vachon, dear readers, is a voice over journeyman who wrote long ago for Counter Punch, and whose greatest claim to ignominy is having provided narrative voice, along with Noam Chomsky, Arundhati Roy, Ken Loach, and Mairead Maguire to the film version of Goldstone Facts, supporting the notoriously biased, poorly investigated and since repudiated report of Richard Goldstone on the Gaza conflict of 2008-09. From such twisted antagonism to Jewish nationalism is sponsored unavoidably the utterance of the Ross Vachons, who will protest and deny their race-hating contortions of humanhood until, at last, “kikey” erupts from the throat like an alien head bursting out of its hosted entrails.

I’m done.


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