Homer (Dean Adler)

September 1, 1999 – September 27, 2013

Homer was a 21st century dog, so he took the last names of both his parents…

On the Road_03

In his tenth month, he met his adoptive older sister, Penelope (Anne Dean – third and most diminutive in the line of Anne Deans)…

Homer and Penelope

It was instant love, and through the rest of Homer’s life, they barely spent a day apart…

On the Road_09

They traveled these United States together…


They followed many paths…

On the Road_04

Took many tracks…

On the Road_02

In different climes…

On the Road_05

Wherever Homer traveled…

On the Road_07

He left his mark…

On the Road_01

He saw the world…

RV Dogs

And cast his shadow on it…


But like us all, he grew old…


And he grew weary…

We held him to us as long as we could. On Friday, we let him go.

When we adopted Homer at six months from the two women who had rescued his litter from the side of the road, they said, there is only one thing you need to know about him – he lives to please you.

He pleased us.

Very much.

On the Road_06


All photos by Julia Dean

25 thoughts on “Homer (Dean Adler)

  1. Thank you to our many wonderful friends (and family), near and far, “real” and virtual for your thoughtful recognition of Homer’s importance to us. Many of you met him and even knew him well, and know of his special place in our lives. The four of us have been travelers and we journeyed far together. There is a hole now (and Penelope is very sad). Thanks for your kindness. See you at the next junction.

  2. All hail Homer Dean Adler, the big dog, the good boy, the pooch with the sweet disposition and great taste in life partners….

  3. So sorry. It is always sad to loose a close friend like Homer. When I last saw him it was at the beach campground and he was watching over his new house on wheels. Now he is watching still. Love to you both. Fred

  4. Jay and Julia,

    Freddie and I send our love and thoughts to you.
    Homer was an important part of your family….and he was lucky
    to have so many great adventures with you guys.
    Thanks for sending this lovely tribute.

    Marian Crostic

  5. Homer had a wonderful life. Living with Julia, Jay and Penelope for starters, but all that travel too! The photos tell the story that I had heard about how much he and Penelope loved the year long trip around the country in the mobile home. What a great experience.

  6. A wonderful tribute to Homer. Thanks for sharing some of what made him special to you and Julia. Our animals give us so much and the emptiness when they are gone can take a long time to be filled, and often is is only partially done.

  7. Sending hugs out to both of you… Hold on tight to the memories and take comfort in knowing his greatest joy was making you happy.

    1. He was a good friend and had great parents. So sorry for the loss, but he really had such a good life, and he traveled in such style. What more could a handsome dog named Homer ask for. He had your guys hearts and was so very loved. We as humans search for the love of a wonderful mate, and Homer had it all.

  8. It is such a gift to get to share this earth with a special four-legged friend (or two, or three, or four.) Each and every one of them reminds you that the animals on this earth are special, unique souls.
    Rest in peace Homer. You were clearly loved.

  9. What a fabulous tribute. I think you should make a book out of it.

    From when you last wrote, Jay, I thought Homer had left weeks ago.

    I am sorry for your sadness, but you always let him know how much he pleased you. You loved him well.

  10. My heart goes out to you both for the loss of Homer. Our dogs leave prints on our hearts forever. With caring thoughts….

  11. I will forever remember Homer and love him dearly. I am sorry for you loss, but what a beautiful and incredible life he had with both of you.

  12. What a wonderful fellow he was. Having lost an old soul myself, I can empathize deeply. You have my heartfelt condolences.

  13. Julia and Jay,
    I’m so sorry to hear about Homer’s passing. He was such a great companion and truly a special soul. I hope Penelope is doing ok – they were so close she’ll be missing him – although they seem to know.

    I lost Barkley when she was 14 1/2 and having her from a pup 10-hours old it was a huge loss. Just know that Homer is no longer dealing with old age and health issues.

    All my best,


  14. You guys…I’m sorry for the loss of your family member. Sounds like you were lucky to have each other. RIP HDA.

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