Good in Theory

In honor recognition of the approaching academic year, this nugget, (via Greg Weeks at Two Weeks Notice) concerning the occasional confrontation with reality of idealistic pedagogy. (More often IP continues on its constitutional, head held high and determined not to notice the deep shit.) Our author, the wry Chris Lawrence at Texas A&M, comments on “a rather, er, innovative approach to grading classroom assessment (gotta go with the Newspeak term).”

Chris’s blog, by the way, is called (I shoulda thoughta that – damn, why didn’t I?)  Signifying Nothing. My own most recent quixotic academic endeavor was my futile essay against the Newspeak of course objectives Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) on which, California students now paying higher fees will be delighted to learn, many millions of dollars were tautologically expended to reinvent the wheel circular turning mobile device (CTMD).

Credit where credit is due: Chris makes delightful use of the inner-censor-smashing faux strike through. It’s catching.

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