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We turn from yesterday’s Semitic to today’s sublime. (Yes, a redundancy, but some things require emphatic repetition.) Some of you may recall that your proprietor traveled to Ecuador in late January. (And why would you not remember? We are friendly people here on the sad red earth, deserving of some remembrance, no? Yes? Please?) We visited dear friend Ashley who last year expatriated herself to Cuenca, second capital of the Quechua (Inca) empire, old colonial city, yet increasingly fashionable modern center of the arts and good living 8000 feet up in the Andes. So in love did we fall, that Julia will be leading a travel photo workshop there in January 2013. I will tag along to make a pest of myself. The photographers among you can stay posted on those developments at The Julia Dean Photo Workshops.

Meanwhile, Ashley (Rogers) and her business partner, the divine Michel Blanchard, have achieved quick success heading up a wide-ranging Ecuadorean travel concierge service called Ecuador At Your Service. From short to long term travel, individually and in groups, research and reservations to real estate services for prospective expats, they are your people. You can hear them, too, on their weekly radio show on the Overseas Radio Network. Now, their latest offering is a design service, Ecuador Interiors. Pictured below is the loft space designed and decorated by the two for a colonial conversion in the heart of downtown Cuenca.

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