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  1. Hi, just happen to run onto yur site when tryin to find out more about my ancestors, I am a direct decendant of Chief Opechancano & Princess Nekitti.
    Am also a direct decendant of Eric the Red & his brother, was wonderin if there is a connection of the two? Are the Powhatan Indians kin to Eric the Red?
    Nice to meet ya, this is excitin’

  2. Greetings,

    “Healing By Spiritual Doctors” is a book written by T.S which is now available at Apple stores for only $6.99. This book talks about women role throughout the history of creation and the fact that how powerful or known men have tried to buried their influence throughout the history so that their clear voice not be heard.

    After 30 years of research in the science of universe,the writer of this book is trying to show the true role of women in the universe and find their roles in healing! In this book you will see how women as Medium, can heal themselves or others by spiritual doctors. This is a gift from god and the pure spirit who are the guidance of our women Medium. This is the book that need to be read by all women so they learn their inner ability and be able to help our society and humanity!
    Hope you too hold our hands and be our guidance in this matter.

    Sincerely with love,
    Taghi Salahshour

  3. Hi, we just started a new blog on tango history…each day we post an event that
    happened that day in tango history…it can be the birth of a famous singer,
    composer of poet, the debut of a film or the recording of a famous tango song…
    you can even search tango principles according to their sun sign

    Can you help spread the word by letting your students know about it or placing
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    not selling anything, we simply love tango and in particular tango history…we
    welcome any suggestions…..

    If you come to Rome, please let us know…we would be glad to welcome you
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