CineFile – Paths of Glory

Stanley Kubrick‘s first masterwork, an essential artistic consideration of the political nature of war. One of the defining performances of Kirk Douglas’s career. This is the execution scene, of three French soldiers during the First World War chosen at random, yet with bias, for trial on trumped up charges of cowardice because of the failure of a foolhardy attack. Note the monumental government building that looms over the proceedings, and in all the fine acting, look near the very end, for Ralph Meeker’s insightful and subtle physical response when Wayne Morris, who scapegoated Meeker to protect himself, apologizes. Meeker is a man given up to the momentary loss of his life, and beyond angry response.


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4 thoughts on “CineFile – Paths of Glory

  1. Seen this Kubrick film many times….ya gotta take that ant hill, Col Dax! never loses its value for our world….Long live Kubrick! can ya hum a few bars of “Singin in the Rain?

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