Change Has Come

The projected two days became two and a half, but change is no longer coming to the sad red earth – it’s come. His Holy Blogmaster tolerated all of my definite confusion and vague certainty in conception and design, and my several “Hey, I’ve got another great idea”s when it seemed the end was in sight, and once more wrested from the soup of my directions the meat kreplach of my imagination. Soon I will be opining again on the deepening disgraces of American conservatism and European anti-semitism, and offering up some personal reflection too. In the meantime, come in, take off your jacket, make yourself comfortable. Look around. It’s open house.

2 thoughts on “Change Has Come

  1. You did it!

    Quick first impressions: The toned-down colors in the mast look more natural, and the site seems well-organized and intuitive. The placement of posts on the left is a shift that makes sense, given that we read from left to right.

    The one thing that’s not readily visible is the Archive of your posts but I found it easily enough by scrolling to the bottom. (I may be one of the few people who uses an Archive to call up a post title I remember, and I’m finding more people are putting their Archives near the bottoms of pages to highlight other information above, and that makes sense.)

    Is there a way that ads go go below the comment box? (I admit it: I hate ads on blogs.)

    1. Maureen, thanks for your feedback. Sorry about the archives. Tough choices about priority of place. I was hoping the prominence of the search bar might compensate. As for the ads, yes, of course, I’m no fan either. I’m nakedly seeking to generate a little compensating income. If you are only just now noticing them in their new position, rather than in the sidebars they sat in unproductively for a long time – well, that’s why they’re no longer in the sidebars and why they are where they are now. It’s a continuing experiment. We shall see.

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