From My New Collection of Poetry, Waiting for Word, a poem, “Impolitic Manifesto”

After four years, I almost don’t remember what I used to talk about politically besides Donald Trump. I exaggerate, but only to tell a truth. My first ever essay on Medium well over four years ago, in March 2016, was “The Necessary, Honorable Thing: Denounce Trump,” with a stop along the way for “Unexceptional America” and ending, […]

Existential Choice in the Time of Trump: Conscience and Human Judgment

One might think that a reasonable knowledge of the history of human barbarity would leave little room for further disillusionment. A similar knowledge of human experience also tells us that such a statement as that holds no place either at the dinner tables of young families, the town halls of electoral politics, or the congregational […]

The Dark History of White Reaction to Black Protest

As we observe what I will call the Trumpian conservative and white moderate reaction to the current Black Lives Matter (BLM) protests and movement, it helps to contextualize historically the nature of that reaction. When we do, we find that conservative and moderate white reaction is persistently critical of, and unresponsive to, black civil rights and […]

Tom Cotton, The New York Times, and the People Who Just Don’t Get It

For some time now, leading anti-Trump journalist David Frum has offered as the pinned tweet atop his Twitter page, the prediction, “When this is all over, no one will admit to ever having supported it.” A near corollary forecast will most assuredly prove as true — that many more will claim to have opposed Trump […]

Summer of 1969, A Memoir: Part 2, Goodbye and Hello

Many songs seem emblematic or emotionally reminiscent of the 60s, but for me, none is more so than Goodbye and Hello, by Tim Buckley and Larry Becket, with its marriage of folk lyricism to Kurt Weill, Wiemar theatricality. O the new children dance — — — I am youngAll around the balloons — — — I […]