I’m taking one. A blogcation, that is. Actually, truth be told, it won’t be any kind of cation. The fall semester approaches, and I will be devoting my hours next week to course preparation and related projects. It is just that I will not be blogging. No posts. No Facebook updates. Not tweets. No twits. (Well, that’s more of a standing prohibition.) I am, for a blessed week, disengaging from the social ether, the sucking vortex created by the attempt to connect with the entire universe. Really, E. M. Forster never imagined that. Meditation is so much simpler.

On Sunday, I will be offering the long awaited penultimate installment of Double Down, starring, in my imagination and now yours, George Clooney and Jennifer Lopez. The evidence is closing in on the gambling soul that is Jack Miles, dispatcher with malice of his identical twin, Joseph. The cards have been dealt and Jack has split his hand. Will two chances turn out be better than one? Will Jack win his bet? Enter the matinee with popcorn and find out.

When I return to timely posting, a week from today, I will offer a post that will rock your world. Failing that, it should at least successfully irritate most of my readership.

In the meantime, remember, there is nothing wrong with the nation that cannot effectively be blamed on the professoriate. As evidence, one wishes not to imagine the nature of the training being offered by this guy. Or these people. And can you imagine from that last what Fox News and Sarah Palin would make of George Soros opening Progressive (i.e. Socialist) Atheist University in San Francisco? Truly, the End Times would be upon us.

All right, really, I’ve got to go. I have minds to contaminate and futures to misguide.

P.S. I suppose it makes sense that bartenders, who are exposed to more human weakness and travail than even confessors and psychotherapists, would be the least conservative of polled professions. Or no?



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