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Last week I wrote, “There is no more conspiratorial mind than the mind that perceives conspiracy, genuine or not.” Amid the rain of Wikileaks fallout, as Julian Assange, awaits now the determination of an appeal to his release on bail, comes this conspiratorial eruption (h/t Engage):

Wikileaks and the conspiracy theory of history

History is Made at Night noted someone who tweeted that the Wikileaks revelations would prove that geopolitics is not in fact determined by the Bilderberg Group, Masonic conspiracies or the Israel lobby, but in fact confirms the boring old Marxist materialist theory of history (except  it was said wittily in 140 characters). For example, Wikileaks shows that it is the Arab oil lobby, not the neocon/Israel axis, pushing military aggression against Iran – small-imperialist power politics, not Jewish conspiracy.

(Doug Henwood made a similar points here: “revelations like these are further proof that the conspiracist view of history, in which a secret cabal plans everything and everyone else is just an ignorant dupe, is wrong.”)

Then almost immediately, History is Made… told me, he turned to Indymedia to find it full of claims that Wikileaks is a Mossad/CIA false flag operation to deflect us away from the real conspiracies…

As far as I can tell, the meme has been promoted by the Wayne Madsden Report, and then taken up by Pakistan Daily:

WMR has learned from Asian intelligence sources that there is a strong belief in some Asian countries, particularly China and Thailand, that the website Wikileaks, which purports to publish classified and sensitive documents while guaranteeing anonymity to the providers, is linked to U.S. cyber-warfare and computer espionage operations, as well as to Mossad’s own cyber-warfare activities…

In China, Wikileaks is suspected of having Mossad connections. It is pointed out that its first “leak” was from an Al Shabbab “insider” in Somalia. Al Shabbab is the Muslim insurgent group that the neocons have linked to “Al Qaeda.”… Our sources in Asia believe that Wikileaks ran afoul of their CIA paymasters after it was discovered that some of Wikileaks’s “take” was being diverted to Mossad instead of to their benefactors at Langley.

There are strong suspicions that Wikileaks is yet another Soros-funded “false flag” operation on the left side of the political spectrum. WMR has learned that after former Senator Norm Coleman (R-MN) decided to oppose Soros’s choice of UN Secretary General Kofi Annan’s deputy Mark Malloch Brown as President of the World Bank, succedding the disgraced Paul Wolfowitz, Soros put the Wikileaks operation into high gear. “Daniel Schmitt” hacked into Coleman’s supporters list, stealing credit card info, addresses, and publishing the “take” on Wikileaks. Democrat Al Franken, who was strongly backed by Soros, defeated Coleman in a legally-contested and very close election…

It is also believed by informed sources that Soros is behind the operation to move Wikileaks to Iceland… Iceland is classic prey for Soros. The Icelandic krona has been decimated as a currency and has no where to go but up in value, especially if the British pound and the euro depreciate. Soros is currently talking down the euro, planning its fall and shorting it, just like he did versus the pound in London in the 1980s. After the UK’s and Europe’s currencies are devalued, Soros will buy every euro note in sight, thus making trillions.

Soros and his Wikileaks friends have in Iceland a practically unregulated banking system desperate for an influx of capital — money that will come from the exiled Russian tycoons in Israel, London and the United States. Israeli investors like Bank Leumi, and awash in siphoned-off Bernard Madoff cash, will do their bit for this smash-and-grab operation by Soros’s Quantum-linked hedge funds. [Emphasis added]

You can find read Indymedia directly here.

Of course, Assange supporters already suspect that well-known U.S. foreign policy lackey Sweden has trumped up the sexual allegations against Assange – for whom, by the way, even if the charges are legitimate, it is too perfectly scripted a plot development for him not to claim that that they are manufactured in a conspiracy to silence him.

These would be, then, counter-conspiratorial claims, one of which you are free to assess as conspiratorially credible, while the other shall remain exemplarily (of something) preposterous.

Or there is this.

SharkFu is obviously unaware of the need for conspiratorial consistency in ideological warfare. Far be it from me to suggest that anyone’s predisposition determines his or her take on the unbidden unsheathed saber asleep abed.

Meanwhile Glenn “Attila the Hun was never charged with any crime” Greenwald, graduate of the Chomsky School of Contempt (but turned down for admission to the Hitchens Institute of Invective), posts with his usual absence of self-reflective irony The lawless Wild West attacks WikiLeaks. [Emphasis added]

WikiLeaks has never been charged with a crime, let alone indicted for one or convicted of one.  A consensus of legal experts agree that prosecuting the organization or Julian Assange for any of its leaks would be difficult in the extreme.  Despite those facts, look at just some of the punishment that has been doled out to them.

I would point out to his Glenness, were he taking my calls, and were I making them, that neither the U.S. government, actually, now that he mentions it, nor George W. Bush (whose wars are the inciting justification in the still angry hearts of so many passionate Assange defenders) has “been charged with any crime.” I will bet a handsome sum, too, that many “legal experts” would agree that prosecuting Bush and the U.S. government would be “difficult in the extreme” – the nature of the “difficulty” in both cases going unspecified. As to the doling out of “punishment” – meant, of course, here slyly to imply illegitimate official acts – there has been none, just as the U.S. government’s punishment that the Wikileaks minions savor has no legal basis in justification. Michael Moore:

[Wikileaks] exist[s] to terrorize the liars and warmongers who have brought ruin to our nation and to others. Perhaps the next war won’t be so easy because the tables have been turned — and now it’s Big Brother who’s being watched … by us!


Might WikiLeaks cause some unintended harm to diplomatic negotiations and U.S. interests around the world? Perhaps. But that’s the price you pay when you and your government take us into a war based on a lie. Your punishment for misbehaving is that someone has to turn on all the lights in the room so that we can see what you’re up to. You simply can’t be trusted. So every cable, every email you write is now fair game. Sorry, but you brought this upon yourself. No one can hide from the truth now. No one can plot the next Big Lie if they know that they might be exposed.

So now, understand, it is not democratically elected governments, however flawed, that will (or not) bring indictments for crimes, judge the accused and mete out “punishments,” but righteous self-selectors; they will decide whom to judge and whom to expose. And if you should disagree with them, be not alarmed, for there is court and means of redress in –

You, however, being one of “the people” rising up in your natural strength and wisdom, unadorned by the frippery of foul government and base institutions – you, too, can choose to punish: punish the punishers. Want to know where Julian Assange will be staying if he is finally released on bail? Now you may know. It is your right to know, if you claim it, and who may deny? So Alex Madrigal gives us photos of the home and grounds where Assange will be cloistered when released. Soon a U.S. intelligence satellite will be commandeered (more punishment) for a closer look, down to the brand of jump drive inserted into any laptop. I personally will pay for the eavesdropping equipment that will reveal to us the contents of the confidential (ha!) conversations between Assange and his attorney regarding the Swedish charges.

For we have a right to know if the U.S. government is, indeed, as Assange, Greenwald and Moore claim, conspiratorially trumping up the charges. We, the people, have a right to know the true nature of our government, so let us now know what Assange owns up to in consultation with his lawyer. As Moore says,

someone has to turn on all the lights in the room …. So every cable, every email you write is now fair game. Sorry, but you brought this upon yourself. No one can hide from the truth now.

And if, as Moore states here, as Assange has, there is “unintended harm” to Assange’s own legal rights – well, hell, it isn’t as if the institutions of government and law are legitimate, in England any more than the U.S., for England has secrets, too, and it went to war in Iraq. What rights?

For we have come to that emancipating moment in the human story, of the liberating paradox: the encrypted secret (the Wikileaks files) in the name of no secrets. And what is hidden is power, as knowledge is power, and hidden knowledge is mine, but not thine. Do not ask me why.

Because a new day is upon us. The light is upon us. The knowledge and the freedom. And all our scales and our sins shall drop away.


Praise be.

Mine eyes



the coming.



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