Abbott and Costello in the New York-DC Corridor

There were a number of particularly choice posts on Atlantic blogs yesterday. This is the first of two from Jeffrey Goldberg.

A man boards in Philadelphia, and asks a woman across the aisle from me if the seat next to her is free.

She responds: “This is the quiet car.”

He says, “Yes, I know. Is this seat free?”

She says, “This is the quiet car!”

He responds: “Yes, but I’m allowed to ask if the seat is free!”

“You don’t have to raise your voice,” she says.

“It’s because you won’t give me an answer.”

She says, “I’m just trying to give you a warning that this is the quiet car, that’s all.”

He says, “Will you just tell me if the seat is free?”

“Could you please lower your voice. This is the quiet car.”

“May I sit here?” he asks, quietly.

She moves her newspapers, and he finally sits.

via A Catch-22 in the Amtrak Quiet Car – Jeffrey Goldberg – Personal – The Atlantic.


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