A Reader’s Gallery 1

John Curran is a reader who lives in Oakton, Virginia. Not long ago, John and I had a spirited exchange over two posts on the recent Supreme Court decision regarding corporate campaign spending. It turns out John is a federal computer security officer, and I’m not allowed to tell you anything else under threat of obtaining an Irish passport and being flown to Dubai for a tennis match. Annoyingly (he can do English, I can’t do tech security) John had his B.A. in English, is a lover of Shakespeare and opera, and is a photographer. I hate him.

While others were doing whatever it was they did during the great Mid-Atlantic blizzard of 2010, John was out capturing how the storm beautified his home landscape. A little something for those who missed it or were not delayed returning home from Argentina because of it, and who love snow.

Early In The Storm
Everything In A Blanket

Sculptures On The Deck
Birds Stocking Up
The Next Morning
The Sun Comes Out
A Path to Feed The Birds

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