A Last Thanksgiving Thought

All are home now if they traveled far to family. The meals are digested. The work week begins our cycles anew, with all the usual commitments, enthusiasms, and furors. We were in Nebraska, with Julia’s family. From my sister-in-law Anne, I received this by email.

It was a sad day for me, thinking about all the wonderful Thanksgivings past and all those who aren’t here anymore.  Other than the anniversary of Jeff’s death, Thanksgiving is the most difficult day.  It was his favorite and he spent so much time preparing and decorating. He reveled being the host and in the company of family and friends.  We are all lucky to have those memories of eating too much (I came across photos of each one of us bloated and laid out on a chair or couch), competitive pool  games, lively spirited conversations, TV blaring in the background, and take home left overs for all.

Different food for a longer meal.

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