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Film Criticism

“Zero Dark Uncertainty” – The Fortnightly Review

Claude Sautet: Purity and Invention” – Senses of Cinema

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Literary Essay

There Is No Fate” – Revisions

“The Lost Humanism of Political Discourse” – ArcDigital


“Myth” – BloodLotus

“A Stone in Water” – Tipton Poetry Journal

Things in Themselves-Pebble Lake Review

“weightless” – Adagio Verse Quarterly

La Habana Nueva” – PoetryBay

“The World Again” – West Magazine

“A Lexicology of the Middle Years” – West Magazine

“Ocean’s End” – West Magazine

Essays on Politics and Culture

“Aboriginal Sin” – Tikkun

Academic Boycotts and Re-Colonization by Theory – SPME

“Donald Trump and The “Partisan Divide”: A Senseless Account of American Discord” – Areo Magazine

“Evergreen College, Free Speech, and the Meaning of Social Justice” – Areo Magazine

“The Dimensions of Free Speech” – ArcDigital

“The Illegitimate President: Donald Trump and the Faking of Democracy” – Areo Magazine

The World Made Flat: The Logocentric Left and the Politics of Provocation” – Areo Magazine

Commentary at the Algemeiner

Commentary at The Times of Israel

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