That’s What They Think, Tuesday 2/16/2010

Jonathan Chait, The New RepublicDemocratic Dysfunction, An Update

Democrats are punks.

Bernie Becker and Jeff Zeleny, The CaucusBayh Decides Against Re-election Bid

He complains about the difficulty of getting anything done, yet, “[a]ccording to analysis by The Times of Mr. Bayh’s voting history, he has voted with a majority of the Democratic caucus roughly 71 percent of the time during the 111th Congress — the lowest percentage of his career. (He has also been the Senate Democrat least likely to vote with the party this Congress.)”

Well, one way to get things done if you’re a Democrat is to vote like a Democrat.

Sam Stein, Huffington PostRachel Maddow Stuns Rep. Aaron Schock By Calling Out His Spending Hypocrisy

Has Evan Bayh noticed that there is no Evan Bayh in the Republican party? Everyone laments the loss of bipartisanship, sort of like innocence, but if we need to locate the place we lost what we had only long enough not to “hang separately,” let’s look at Newt Gingrich and the 1983 founding of the Conservative Opportunity Society.

I think that the military analogies are pretty helpful in understanding Newt Gingrich…. In terms of the strategy that we employed, I think one of the most helpful things to think about is that he had a construct and we really developed it. We needed to develop as a party – wedge issues and magnet issues.

Buenos Aires DailyA blog of unhome sickness

Have I mentioned that we’re home? The travel was a trip. The return has been a trip. (Later.) Our second visit to BA only heightened my attraction. It is the only other city I have found, aside from Hong Kong, with the specific intensity and energy of New York. We got off the ferry from lovely, sleepy Uruguay and the city instantly coursed up my spine like a doubleshot. Have a look.

Jeff Weintraub, Commentaries and ControversiesPass the damn bill (#7) – Henry Aaron

Have I mentioned that Democrats are punks?

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