That’s What They Think, Monday 2/15/2010

Jeffrey Herf, The New RepublicIt Will Not Go Away (H/T Yaacov Lozowick)

His review of Robert S. Wistrich’s 1200 page A Lethal Obsession: Anti-Semitism from Antiquity to the Global Jihad.

A Lethal Obsession is an encyclopedic—and genuinely alarming—compendium of the new anti-Semitism. Wistrich gathers a massive amount of evidence to drive home the point that we are witnessing yet another significant chapter in the history of anti-Semitism, one that the conventional focus on the history of anti-Semitism before and during Nazism and the Holocaust does not address….

While the rallying cry of the old anti-Semitism was the attack on “world Jewry,” the core of anti-Semitism has been the attack on “international Zionism” and on the state of Israel.

Jimmy Orr, The Christian Science MonitorDebra Medina self-destructs on Glenn Beck radio show (H/T Oliver Kamm)

Another Republican nut job runs out of a race for office and into the bin, while Ron Paul’s pot reveals another crack. And Glenn Beck is the balanced one. Entirely too rich.

Nick Cohen, StandpointAmnesty International & Megagreed Plc

The arrogance of those who would be righteous without limit. The sad vertigo of a hallowed organization.

Ben Cohen, Z-Word BlogIran’s Nuclear Program: Make or Break

An extended video” interview with French UN Ambassador Gérard Araud, who just assumed the Presidency of the UN Security Council.”

Oliver Kamm, Times Online Chomsky and Cambodia

A response to Chomsky from Sophal Ear.

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