That’s What They Think, Monday 1/25/2010

Judeosphere Human Rights Watch’s Conflict of Interests

There are none so blind. HRW continues its descent. See, also, here.

Adam HollandRon Paul lets his freak flag fly: says CIA coup has occurred.

Paul’s pot reveals another crack – for the those who just haven’t yet been able to see him in the kichen.

Bill Roggio, The Long War JournalAl Qaeda leader in Turkey captured

Yes, it is a war, it is going on in many places, and there is an online journal dedicated to it.

Ben Cohen, Z Word BlogAJC Reality Check

New monthly video report countering anti-Israel and anti-Jewish propaganda.

Kyle Minor, Sweet This Thing Did Seem Solid

Says The Ethical Exhibitionist (H/T), who is always pointing me to interesting reads,

Honestly, this is a really, really good essay. I usually find “scatological essays” boring (the way I find all attempts to “shock” me boring), but this isn’t an attempt at shock at all, and is really quite profound.

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