Jazz Is: 33 – Occupy Love


One of my occasional exceptions to the has-to-be-an-interesting-video rule. The last time I heard this, a couple of months ago, I was sitting in a storefront window on Ninth Avenue in Manhattan with a cup of coffee, thinking about love. There’s Wall Street and politics, and there’s real life, before, during, and after.

A Billie Holiday original. Don’t bother. What’s the point? You know that I love you and what love endures. “Don’t Explain.”



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2 thoughts on “Jazz Is: 33 – Occupy Love

  1. Love that song. Just two years after her death, in 1961, my first job was working for her former manager Nat Segal, a hard as nails guy except when he talked about her. Philly was a big jazz town and I learned a lot from Nat and others in what was then really show biz…

    1. Merilyn, I’d be interested to hear about the job and some of the tales of it. You can see why a hard as nails guy would go soft for her – just that sleepy, sexy, knowing, vulnerable face to begin. There is actually a video of her doing the song live on TV, but she’s already looking a little ravaged in it, not a great performance, and I didn’t want to go with it.

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