How We Lived on It (38) – Amen, Brother

The riddle is “What’s the difference between Rick Perry and Osama bin Laden?” The answer is “Mohammed Atta.”

The mainstream news media played carnival barker to this man’s entry into the GOP presidential primary race, then immediately turned on Perry’s implication of treason against Fed Chair Ben Bernanke as if such behavior from Perry – who last year spoke of Texas seceding from the union – was somehow news. That would be news itself if the MSM hadn’t long since devolved into a caddie for how politicians play the game, mostly just handing players the club they call for. But that what you see below, this New Apostolic Reformationist convening his army of God, represents one of the U.S.’s two main political parties and was touted by the MSM as a heavyweight contender for the presidency is today’s commentary about how we live on it.

Give this man a Sunday morning TV pulpit and a sex scandal.


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3 thoughts on “How We Lived on It (38) – Amen, Brother

  1. That riddle is awful.

    If Perry wants to be a tele-evangelist, then he should go for it but then stay out of politics, where we profess to have a clear delineation between Church and State. He debases both institutions, but especially religion through his use of it for his personal ambitions to be president.

    Instead of calling for prayer, which ought to remain deeply personal and out of the public spotlight, all these so-called leaders need to set out specifically what they would do as president to solve all the problems. It’s time they stopped using God to promote themselves.

    I’m also sick of hearing politicians using “Washington, D.C.” as their metaphor. It’s a city and, no doubt, it has many problems, but naming it as an example of everything wrong in politics tells us nothing about proposed solutions. And, please, somebody explain to Bachmann that regarding government (name an agency; she picked the IRS) as “the enemy” doesn’t speak well of her current position in the Congress, though it does help explain why we’re in some of the mess. Perhaps she should reflect a bit on that old statement, “We have seen the enemy and it is us.”

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